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AIY Expert Solutions is a 40+ member company with a vision to continuously gather talent, knowledge, and expertise to build a leading enterprise in various markets.
This talent, combined with expert-level practices, helped us create a specialized software that dominates the billion-dollar reselling industry and is used by tens of thousands of clients.
It’s been featured on CNBCYahoo FinanceViceThe GlobeForbes, and The Mail.


Software Development

Over eight years, more than ten products, hundreds of software iterations & thousands of clients.
AIY Expert Solutions has a track record of creating highly specialized yet user-friendly software. Our rapid development over the years has perfected our systems, processes & people using the latest technologies and trends.

Digital Marketing

Our specialists have taken companies that were non-existent in the digital domain to reach over a million visitors a year within two years. We pride ourselves on being experts in SEO, Social Media Advertising and Management, Influencer Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Sales Funnel creation, and affiliate and Email marketing.

Automation Specialists

While our work spans various industries, e-commerce automation has been our key focus over the past years. With the ever-changing technical requirements, a high degree of specialty and problem-solving is required for success in this domain. AIY Expert Solutions has been a market leader creating products and offering services such as checkout and process automation, web monitoring, and scraping.

Real Estate

Built-Up is the most recent venture by AIY Expert Solutions, aiming to provide an alternative to outdated development practices available in the market by implementing global best procedures, high quality, and professional standards.
Our first property sold out within a year, and now Built-Up finished more than six complete projects.

Cyber Security

Cyber security incidents cost over USD 1 Trillion a year and result in a 7.27% drop in share price for the victim.
We’ve created Cyber Iron Clad (CIC) catering to the needs of digitally present corporations. We provide anti-bot services, vulnerability assessment, and incident response. We’ve helped big organizations including the US DoD, Intel, IBM & Shopify.

Data Center Services

AIY Expert Solutions has invested in its infrastructure to create data centers based in California and New York. Removing secondary suppliers from the value chain has allowed for end-to-end quality control and the expansion of our data center services. The result was a superior data center product that improved the quality of our data-reliant services.


AIY Expert Solutions heavily emphasizes being open to new opportunities and ideas and supporting them. Which is why we always seek investment and acquisition opportunities in promising businesses. We’d love to hear more about your project, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your details.


The success of AIY Expert Solutions is a testament to its 40+  team members. Only with their combined competence, skill & dedication has it become what it is today. Our most extensive capital is our people, so we’re always looking for new skilled members to join us, so apply now. We’re waiting for you!